Our Story


We are all about increasing your odds of success in trading!

Tradepreneur:{ An online investor that is actively seeking to trade their assets at the right time for the right profits. Just Like an entrepreneur faces ups and downs in their journey to grow their empire so does a tradepreneur understand that learning to invest in the market takes a short time of facing ups and downs, pun intended 🙂

We are here to shorten this time for you as much as a realistic 1 month period while also minimizing your losses and maximize your profits. We focus on most impactful news, content and intelligent advice out of the clutter of information out there coupled with training videos we provide our subscriber list for free you can improve your odds of profit to %80 winning your trades as a Tradepreneur!

How can we make this claim?

Trading successfully is not about having no losing trades, it is about winning more than you lose on a consistent basis. combine that with winning more money when you win and losing less money when you lose and you will have figured out how to make money trading. Your mindset is everything and your decisions have to be as unemotional as possible to be successful.

If we can help you as a trader to make 2 successful trades out of 3 you do we have done our job.

In the middle of information overload we can help you to know where to look and what to look for in order to be on top of the market and its trends.

Get free access to training videos that will show you exactly how to improve your odds of success to more than %75 by dedicating only 5 minutes a day for a week!

By analysing the live events that impact the market and its trends and other successful traders we will provide you with Occasional signals that have high chances of winning as the market moves up or down.

All you have to do is sign up for a free demo on a trusted platform such as easymarkets and start implementing what you have learned on your trades until you feel comfortable and confident. Then deposit money to your account to start making real money on the comfort of your own schedule any time and any place.

We will have a post on why we chose EasyMarkets as our trusted trading platform after testing out other brokers and why they fit this success formula! 

Trading better doesn’t happen over night but it can happen by next week!

Join us as Tradepreneurs on the journey to transforming wealth!